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Oil Palm in Malaysia

Malaysia is the world’s second biggest producer of sustainable palm oil

Malaysia provided


of the world’s palm oil
production in 2015
More than

3 billion

people in the world enjoy palm oil
More than


people are directly employed
by the malaysian
palm oil industry

Average Oil Yield

The high yield of oil from each hectare of oil palm harvested, averaging 4.00 tonnes/ha/year means that it requires less land to produce the same amount of oil as other vegetable oil crops such as soya, rapeseed or sunflower.

6.5% Oil palm takes up only 6.5% of agricultural land devoted to 10 major vegetable oil crops..


39% ...but it accounts for 39% of vegetable oil productions.

Major Applications of Palm Oil

Cookies, Candy & Ice Cream
Personal Care Products
Cleaning Products

The Health Benefits of Palm Oil

Palm oil is a vegetable oil, therefore it is cholesterol-free. It has the beneficial effect of raising the good HDL-cholesterol level, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.

Palm oil is versatile and well-suited for use in numerous food applications. It is used as cooking oil either directly or in blended form, in the manufacture of shortenings, margarine, vegetable ghee and specialty fats.

Unlike other vegetable oils, palm oil is able to withstand up to 235°C frying temperature. It also preserves the natural taste of food.

Being a more potent antioxidant than Vitamin E tocopherol, Vitamin E tocotrienols naturally found in palm oil have shown numerous attributes to health.

In addition to providing energy, palm oil promotes the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K in the body.

Pro-Vitamin A carotenoids found in red palm oil also help in overcoming Vitamin A deficiency, which if left untreated will cause blindness.

One advantage of using palm oil in food manufacturing is non-requirement of hydrogenation process, as palm oil is naturally semi-solid. Hydrogenation of vegetable oils produces artificial trans fats, as a by-product, which are harmful to health. Trans fats have been recently banned in the USA.

Sustainable Palm Oil and Environmentally Friendly
Malaysia has allocated


landmass for agriculture
Rainforests cover


of Malaysia's land
Malaysia has


of green cover

Oil Palm Facts

Overview of Oil Palm Characteristics

Palm Oil
  • Extracted from the pulp of the fruit
  • Red in colour because of its high carotene content
Palm Kernel Oil
  • Extracted from the kernel or seed of the fruit
  • Physically and chemically different from palm oil
  • Accounts for about 10% of total oil yield

Barn owls and snakes serve as eco-friendly pest control measures, keeping rodents away from the oil palm. These animals co-exist with other animals within the plantation.




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Below are the characteristics of palm oil except:

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The pro Vitamin A carotenoids in red palm oil equals to how many times of that found in tomatoes?

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How much did Malaysia provide to the world’s palm oil production in 2015?

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